Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Attard's 3000-year-old cart ruts covered to be 'preserved'

These ancient cart ruts have been buried under the new road being built in Attard despite appeals to incorporate them into the project, although they have been preserved for future study. 
Photos: Daniel Cilia

Recently discovered cart ruts in Attard - proof that Mdina Road has been a popular thoroughfare for thousands of years - are being reburied out of sight under the Central Link Project.

Infrastructure Malta (IM) said that the cart ruts will not be damaged and will be “preserved for future studies”.

The cart ruts, in the Wied Inċita area, may date back to the prehistoric Bronze Age (2,500 to 750BC) and seem to have been used for several centuries, including in the classical era. They are the only known cart ruts in the area.

The Archaeological Society Malta and Din l-Art Ħelwa have strongly urged IM to redesign the road alignment, in close consultation with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, to allow the cart ruts to remain visible.

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