Friday, April 19, 2013

Stonehenge project compares Neolithic building methods

An experiment is under way in Wiltshire to find out more about Neolithic building methods. Using archaeological evidence unearthed from nearby Durrington Walls, three structures are being built at Old Sarum Castle, near Salisbury.
Stonehenge project compares Neolithic building methods
The project aims to recreate the buildings which may have existed
in Neolithic times [Credit: Ancient Technology Centre]
The English Heritage project aims to discover what was the most efficient way of building with locally-sourced materials.

The final reconstructions will be built at Stonehenge later this year. They will be put up outside the new visitor centre.

The experiment is part of a £27m English Heritage scheme looking at how the setting of the ancient monument can be improved.

The recreated Neolithic buildings will form part of an "interactive and experiential" external exhibition at the 3,500-year-old World Heritage site.

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