Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stonehenge ditch discoveries prove archaeology link to River Avon true

An overhead shot of Stonehenge now (top) and how it is expected to look by summer 2014, once the A344 has been covered by grass

Found near the Heel Stone lying about 24 metres from the entrance to Stonehenge, the ditches represent either side of The Avenue, a long, linear feature to the north-east of the site which has been severed for centuries by the A344.

“The part of the Avenue that was cut through by the road has obviously been destroyed forever, but we were hopeful that archaeology below the road would survive,” said Heather Sebire, an archaeologist for English Heritage, who are currently helping decommission the road as part of a plan to make the landmark more tranquil for visitors.

“It is very exciting to find a piece of physical evidence that officially makes the connection which we were hoping for.”

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