Sunday, July 7, 2013

Neanderthals Had Homes, Returned to Them After Going on Hunting Expeditions

Researchers say our ancestors liked certain caves better than others, considered them their homes

Neanderthals used to have homes to which they returned after going on hunting expeditions, Oxford University and Gibraltar Museum researchers claim. 

Granted, their homes would've probably never made it on MTV's “Cribs,” but they were surprisingly clean and tidy, the scientists argue. 

While exploring ancient caves in Gibraltar, archaeologists reportedly found that some of them contained more artifacts than others did. 

The best explanation for this discovery is that the Neanderthals preferred certain caves to others. These “privileged” caves are the ones believed to have been their homes. 

They were both bigger and brighter than the ones Neanderthals only inhabited for short periods of time. 

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