Monday, April 28, 2014

Anglesey: Mysterious artefact discovered at Neolithic tomb

Find at Perthi Duon excavation site near Brynsiencyn could prove existence of a British Copper Age says archeology expert

Copper artefact found in an archaeological excavation at Perthi Duon on Anglesey. Photo courtesy of Dr George Nash.
The discovery of a mysterious copper artefact at a Neolithic tomb on Anglesey could help to answer one of  archaeology’s burning questions.
Dr George Nash, who led the excavation at Perthi Duon near Brynsiencyn, says the find could lend  weight to the idea of a British Copper Age, which is currently being  debated by archaeologists.
Perthi Duon – described by Dr  Nash as Anglesey’s “least known  Neolithic chambered tomb” – is believed to have been a portal dolmen,   a type of single-chamber tomb  mostly built in the early Neolithic  period, and dates to around 3,500BC  or earlier.
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