Thursday, May 3, 2012

Archaeology: Ancient necropolis found in path of Bulgaria’s Struma Motorway

Archaeologists working along the route of Bulgaria’s Struma Motorway, which when completed will lead from capital city Sofia to the Greek border, have found a necropolis estimated to date back about 2800 years, public broadcaster Bulgarian National Television said on May 1 2012.

For the archaeologists, the site has presented more questions than answers, with those working on the site surprised not only by the size of the necropolis but also by the long period during which it was in use.

Two ancient settlements had been found nearby, which could explain the large scale of the burial place, the report said.

Archaeologist Filip Mihailov was quoted as saying that the remains of the dead had been disposed on the site after cremation, and it was also probable that remains had been placed in clay urns.

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